More About the Cemetery Dance Collectors Club and their Discounted Gift Certificate Sale!

Hi Folks!

We wanted to answer some quick questions we received about the Cemetery Dance Collectors Club and their opportunity to purchase heavily discounted Cemetery Dance Gift Certificates, so here you go:

Q: Are those discounted Cemetery Dance Gift Certificates good on everything?

A: Yes! With the exception of Gift Certificates themselves, which cannot be purchased with another Gift Certificate, once a member purchases a discounted Gift Certificate, he or she can use that Gift Certificate for anything else we offer through the online store! This includes every book and special offer we email the members of the CDCC about before the general public.

A: But can those discounted Gift Certificates be used with my CDCC discount on new books?

Q: Yes! You can redeem you 10% to 30% off coupon code and THEN pay the remaining balance with your Gift Certificate. They work just like normal Gift Certificates.

A: Can I purchase several different Gift Certificates when you offer the special members -only sale?

Q: Yes! We’ve never set a limit on how many members could purchase during the special sale.


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