The Cemetery Dance Collectors Club Members Are Offered Signed Limited Editions That Never Appear In Our Newsletter!

The Cemetery Dance Collectors Club:
Did You Know Members Are Offered Signed Limited Editions That Never Appear In Our Newsletter?

Hi Folks!

It’s true! Because many signed Limited Edition books from other collectible presses sometimes have very small print runs, the copies they offer us for our online store often never get posted in the general newsletter because the members of the Cemetery Dance Collectors Club snap them all up!

For example, this month we offered the CDCC our limited supply of Goblin by Josh Malerman, the newest signed Limited Edition hardcover in the acclaimed Earthling Publication Halloween Series. Members also received a special discount on that book even though we knew our copies would be claimed very quickly. We simply cannot get enough copies of an exciting new book like this one to offer to the general mailing list, so not only do members of the CDCC get offered a book no one else on our list will be offered, but they also save off the retail price! (Good news for those who missed out, though: Earthling still has some copies of Goblin left available through their website if you hurry!)

If you’ve been on the fence about joining the Cemetery Dance Collectors Club, there has never been a better year to give it a shot! Between our upcoming projects with Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Bentley Little, William Peter Blatty, Anne Rice, and many other legends of horror, there will be something for everyone!


Read more about the Collectors Club or place your order before time runs out!

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