Cemetery Dance magazine #62 Signed Limited Edition!

Cemetery Dance magazine #62: The William Peter Blatty Special Issue
Extremely Affordable Deluxe Signed Limited Edition Hardcover Commemorative “Magazine”
LOW PRINT RUN and LOW PRICE: These Will NOT Last Long!


CD #62Hi Folks!

Today we’re very pleased to announce the Cemetery Dance magazine issue #62 Deluxe Signed Limited Edition Hardcover “Magazine” which features some incredible special content for fans of William Peter Blatty!

These collectible books will be Smyth sewn and printed on the same interior paper stock as our normal signed Limited Editions so they’ll hold up better than the regular version of the magazine you see on the newsstand.

This extremely affordable hardcover will also feature a full-color reproduction of the magazine’s front cover right on the binding, a beautiful special endpaper, and each copy will be signed by the editor on a unique Limitation Sheet featuring stunning COLOR artwork by Glenn Chadbourne created just for this special edition!

(See photos of the Cemetery Dance #61 special edition hardcover in our photo gallery if you didn’t see how incredibly those turned out!)

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like us to match your number from the Cemetery Dance #61 Limited Edition hardcover, please REPLY to your order confirmation email for this new volume and tell us what your number is right away!

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Thanks, as always, for your continuing support!

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