Cemetery Dance magazine guidelines: Authors and Artists

Due to the overwhelming flood of submissions we received, we have closed Cemetery Dance magazine to submissions.

We solicit all our cover and interior artwork directly. Query first with samples. At this time, Art Director Mindy Jarusek would prefer to receive and view artwork samples and submissions online, if possible. Please do not send LARGE attachments. Links to your website, online samples, or a web-based portfolio would be best. If you must send attachments, please email first for our requirements. For all artwork related questions and submissions, please contact art@cemeterydance.com and Mindy will reply if she’s interested in seeing more. Thank you.

17 thoughts on “Cemetery Dance magazine guidelines: Authors and Artists”

      1. I represent an author who would like to be notified when magazine submissions have been reopened. I have subscribed to the email notification listed below – is there an alternative notification system to which I subscribe, or will the below blog list the open call? Thank you for your time.

        1. I am also an author pretending to have an agent. How do I go about circumnavigating the submission process, so that I can send in an overly long manuscript about a donkey that terrorizes a small fishing village by dressing in a scary costume? I promise that there are loads of grammatical errors, that I don’t understand how real world physics work, and that most details will be plagiarized from Stephen King (his real life, not his novels, because my work is a second-person omniscient biographical Choose Your Own adventure). Also, I intend to freak out the week after my Registered Priority Mail package arrives and start posting online that you didn’t publish me so that you can steal all of my ideas.

  1. Hello,

    I am curious if you are firm on your maximum word count for short stories, or if there will be any flexibility?


      1. How can we find out when the open reading period will be? I’ve been watching the Horror Writers Association newsletter but so far it’s been as silent as the grave on the subject, not that the grave is all that silent, what with the muffled screams of the victims of premature burial, the scrabbling and squeaking of the rats, the relentless chewing of the flesh-eating insects and whatnot, but you get the picture.

  2. Hello! I’m sorry if this is covered somewhere else and I missed it, but I was curious about the word count limit you guys usually look for. I understand that there is some flexibility, but I wouldn’t want to submit a 15k word story if the limit is typically 10k (just an example).

    I really appreciate your time and I hope you great day!

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