Cemetery Dance Publications Launches Stephen King Revisited!

Cemetery Dance Publications Launches Stephen King Revisited!

Hi Folks!

Stephen King and Richard ChizmarCemetery Dance Publications invites readers everywhere to the launch of StephenKingRevisited.com, a massive new project that is unlike anything we’ve undertaken in our twenty-five years in publishing!

Starting this Halloween, Cemetery Dance founder and publisher Richard Chizmar will be re-reading ALL of Stephen King’s books in the order of publication, starting with Carrie, and posting his thoughts about the experience.

When Chizmar asked Stephen King what he thought of the idea of him re-reading all of the books in order, King replied, “You should blog about it” and “go for it!”

There are two posts already on the site for you to read today:

Introduction to Stephen King Revisited by Richard Chizmar

How Carrie Happened by Bev Vincent

While you’re on the website, be sure to sign-up for notifications and updates from Stephen King Revisited using the “Updates and Notifications via email” sign-up box on the right side of the website, so you never miss a post!

Visit StephenKingRevisited.com to read more…

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