BRAND NEW Cemetery Dance Select Series Announced!

Cemetery Dance Select Series
Signed Limited Edition Hardcover Starter Bundle!

Receive ALL SIX of the launch titles for
this new series as they are published!
Save BIG off the retail price AND your shipping fees,
plus lock in matching numbers for your entire set!
Launch Titles Already 60% SOLD OUT!

Hi Folks!

Due to customer demand, we’re thrilled to announce our Cemetery Dance Select Series, an exclusive new line of signed hardcover Limited Edition books published by Cemetery Dance Publications!

Cemetery Dance Select SeriesEach volume features three to five short stories personally selected by the author as his or her favorites from a lifetime of work. Long-time fans will enjoy revisiting some classic tales. New readers will find this series a handy introduction to each author’s best work. Each volume also includes an exclusive afterword where the author explains the reasoning behind each selection, and provides insights into the writing of each story.

These signed Limited Edition hardcovers feature some of our lowest print runs ever and will be hand-numbered to increase the value of a complete set, so we expect this series to be a huge hit with collectors!

* The first six titles in this new series will be:

Cemetery Dance Select: Michael Marshall Smith
Cemetery Dance Select: Lisa Morton
Cemetery Dance Select: Terry Dowling
Cemetery Dance Select: Kealan Patrick Burke
Cemetery Dance Select: Peter Atkins
Cemetery Dance Select: Jeff Strand

* Special “Starter Bundle” Offer to Launch Your Collection and Save Your Budget!

Although each title can be ordered separately for the retail price of $30 plus shipping, for a very limited time only, you can reserve ALL SIX of these launch titles for one low price — plus, with this deal, you only pay a one-time heavily-discounted shipping fee that is considerably less than the shipping fee you would pay on individual orders. This is a great way to start your collection and save big at the same time!

Also, even though you’ll pay a much lower shipping fee with this bundle, each title will still ship to you as it is published — no waiting for all of the books to be ready!

So with this deal you’ll save big off the retail price, and even bigger off the shipping cost, and… maybe best of all… you’ll instantly lock in your book number to make your entire set more collectible! Whatever your book number is for the first title, you can continue to receive that number for as long as you want, which will help make your set even more valuable down the road!

We do not expect these very limited bundles to last long, so if you’re interested, please place your order today! After they’ve all sold, we won’t offer more!

Read more or place your order while our supplies last!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and enthusiasm!

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