Dancing with Tombstones by Michael Aronovitz: Surprise New In-Stock Trade Paperback!

We’re pleased to announce Dancing with Tombstones by Michael Aronovitz, a surprise new trade paperback that is in-stock and will be shipping very soon!

About the Book:
This new book from critically acclaimed genre author Michael Aronovitz collects some of his greatest stories that celebrate the beauty of the darkness in the world.

  • In the section titled GIRLS, you’ll learn “How Bria Died,” and will also meet “The Sculptor” in the story that inspired Aronovitz’s full-length serial killer novel of the same name.
  • In the section featuring PSYCHOS, you’ll feel the chill of the Anti-Christ in “Quest for Sadness,” and fall prey to the most frightening circus creature on the face of the earth in “The Exterminator.”
  • In TOOLS & TECH, you’ll find out the dark secret of “The Tool Shed,” and will also experience the full-length ghost-novella, “Toll Booth.”
  • And finally, in MARTYRS & SACRIFICIAL LAMBS you’ll experience hell on earth in “The Echo,” and unwittingly release the darkest force of the forest in “The Falcon.”

With Dancing with Tombstones, the author of Alice Walks and The Sculptor deliciously thrusts us down the twisted avenues deep inside the haunt of our most secret repressions.


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Thank you, as always, for your continued support and enthusiasm!

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