Great New Review for Smoke & Mirrors edited by Richard Chizmar

Smoke & MirrorsBlu Gilliand has written a great new review for Smoke and Mirrors over at White Cat Publications. Here’s just a small sample:

“Chizmar has put together an exciting collection in Smoke and Mirrors, and I hope that readers hesitant to dive into the script format will give it a chance. With writers this good, the format quickly melts away and, just as with any good prose story, you forget that you’re looking at words on a page and get caught up in the worlds they are creating.” Read the rest on their website.

Smoke and Mirrors is all ready for the printer, with the exception of the signature sheets, which are just waiting on one last author to have time in his schedule to sign. We’ll let you know when that process is completed and we’ll rush the book right to the printer.

Thanks, as always, for your continuing support!

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