A Halloween Thing A Day: Froggy Fresh’s ‘Halloween’


Hip hop music and horror movies go way back. Sometimes the two came together as a promotional gimmick (see Freddy Krueger’s collaborations with Will Smith and The Fat Boys), sometimes it was a case of an artist paying homage to (or making fun of) the horror icons of their time.

Froggy Fresh (The Artist Formerly Known as Krispy Kreme, until Krispy Kreme threatened to sue the bejesus out of him) lands somewhere in the middle of homage and parody with his 2012 track “Halloween.” Employing a raspy Southern accent, Froggy Fresh tells about a night of trick-or-treating that takes a dark turn when noted serial killer Michael Myers turns up in the neighborhood.

The song is catchy as hell, and the video does a great job of evoking those late Halloween nights, strolling through the dimly-lit streets in search of candy…and those moments when you realize all the other trick-or-treaters have gone in, and you’re three blocks from home and all alone…except for whoever is following you….

I found this video in a Bloody Disgusting article about a list of  Halloween Hip Hop compiled by nerdcore rapper mc chris. Check that article out for nine more killer tracks.

Blu Gilliand is the managing editor of Cemetery Dance Magazine and Cemetery Dance Online. 

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