A Halloween Thing A Day: The ‘Trick or Treat’ Trailer


Ah, the ’80s, when heavy metal music was rotting our brains, and Satanic messages were buried in records, just waiting for some poor schmuck to play the album backwards and succumb to its demonic temptations.

Sammi Curr was the perfect villain for the time. He was a long-haired, guitar-shredding rocker who partied too hard and (literally) burned out before he could fade away. Lucky for him, his fans wouldn’t let him die—one, in particular, who figured out a way to bring his hero back from the dead.

We all know how that usually works out.

Check out the trailer, and make a special note of the cameos listed at the end:

Yeah…it really doesn’t get more ’80s than that.

Blu Gilliand is the managing editor of Cemetery Dance Magazine and Cemetery Dance Online. He used to rock out to a cassette of the Trick or Treat soundtrack while driving around in his 1981 Honda Civic. Don’t hate.

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