Hearts in Suspension by Stephen King: New Book Announced!

Hearts in Suspension
by Stephen King
edited and with an introduction by Jim Bishop
Featuring King’s novella Hearts in Atlantis, a very long essay by King called “Five to One, One in Five,” four installments of King’s never-before-reprinted student newspaper column, “King’s Garbage Truck,” and essays from a dozen of his fellow classmates!

Hi Folks!

We’re extremely pleased to report that we’ll be getting copies of HEARTS IN SUSPENSION by Stephen King, a brand new book being published this November by the University of Maine Press.

We have NO idea what the print run might be for this unexpected new title, but given that the publisher is a small university press instead of King’s big New York publisher, it is very likely that the first printing will be TINY compared to most of his books. This could end up being a nice collector’s item!

Hearts in SuspensionAbout the Book:

This publication marks the 50th anniversary of Stephen King’s entrance into the University of Maine at Orono in the fall of 1966. The accelerating war in Vietnam and great social upheaval at home exerted a profound impact on students of the period and deeply influenced King’s development as a writer and as a man.

King’s fictional treatment of this experience in his novella “Hearts in Atlantis” (reprinted in this volume) tracks his youthful avatar, Peter Riley, through the awakenings and heartbreak of his turbulent first year at UMaine. In his accompanying essay, “Five to One, One in Five,” written expressly for this volume, King sheds his fictional persona and takes on the challenge of a nonfiction return to his undergraduate experience. The stereoscopic combination of these narratives, told with King’s characteristic blend of canny insight and self-deprecating humor, create a revealing portrait of the artist as young man and a ground-level tableau of this highly charged time.

In addition, twelve fellow students and friends from King’s college days contribute personal narratives recalling their own experience of those years. These recollections—engaged, irreverent, and affecting—bring dimension and texture to the collective witnessing of a formative time in their lives and a defining moment in the country’s history.

This book also includes four installments of King’s never-before-reprinted student newspaper column, “King’s Garbage Truck.” These lively examples of King’s damn-the-torpedoes style, entertaining and shrewd in their youthful perceptions, more than hint at a talent about to take its place in the American literary landscape.

A gallery of period photographs and documents augments this volume.

Read more or place your order while our supplies last!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and enthusiasm!

2 thoughts on “Hearts in Suspension by Stephen King: New Book Announced!”

  1. Any new book by Stephen king is always welcome by me,oh how I wish there would be a follow-up to Christine,does anybody else think like me??? Loved rose madder,and Duma key,read it countless times.wireman is one of Stephen kings all-time great characters,what a shame he was killed off.did I mention the Christine follow up…

  2. Looking forwards to the new book,as always when there is a new Stephen king book about to hit the stores,oooh how I wish for news of a follow-up to Christine,loved rose madder and Duma key.wireman is one of Stephen kings greatest characters,what a shame he died in the book.now did I mention the follow-up to Christine…

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