Cemetery Dance at Maryland Horrorfind 2003

Cemetery Dance at Maryland Horrorfind 2003

(L to R) Pamela Herbster, F. Paul Wilson, and Richard Chizmar

(Front Right to Back Left) Geoff Cooper, David Barnett, Richard Chizmar, Rick Hautala, Thomas F. Monteleone, F. Paul Wilson

The Cemetery Dance tables

The Cemetery Dance sign and New Releases display

The Shivers II signing schedule

(L to R) Thomas F. Monteleone, Rick Hautala, Richard Chizmar

Billy Chizmar & Douglas Clegg

(L to R) Mindy Jarusek, Richard Chizmar, Nanci Kalanta, Douglas Clegg, Brian Freeman

Gary Braunbeck

(L to R) Kealan Patrick Burke, David Niall Wilson, and Garrett Peck

Harry Shannon & Richard Chizmar

F. Paul Wilson & Thomas F. Monteleone

Kelly Laymon

A signed copy of Shivers II

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