Important Postage Update

Hi Folks!

This past week, the USPS increased postage rates again and also changed several shipping services. For example, Parcel Post has a new name and is an “in-store only” purchase, requiring shippers to go to the actual Post Office to ship via this method.

Some postage rates, like shipping to Canada, are increasing considerably. We apologize for the inconvenience these increases may cause you. As most of our customers know, we have no control over what the USPS charges and these higher postage fees only hurt our business. As shipping costs go up, collectors have less money to spend on actual books — and in some cases, they decide not to order at all.

We’re acutely aware of how the USPS rates affect our customers, and we wish there was a better option. If you live in Europe, we highly recommend you check out the Cemetery Dance titles listed on the PS Publishing website in the UK. Peter Crowther has been a good friend of ours for many years and we’re happy to send our customers his way.

If you live outside the US and know of a bookseller who is familiar with small press collectible book publishing who might want to carry our books for their “local” customers, please feel free to send their information to Brian Freeman at and he will get in touch with them.

Thanks, as always, for your continuing support!

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