John Mantooth takes the HOLY GHOST ROAD to Bloody Good Reads

Bloody Good ReadsFrom our friends at the Bloody Good Reads podcast:

This week on the podcast we chat to John Mantooth, author of Shoebox Train Wreck, about his latest book Holy Ghost Road and the re-release of this first book Year of the Storm. John also shares his three Bloody Good Reads!

Take a listen to the episode right here.

Holy Ghost Road is available now in paperback!


cover of Holy Ghost Road by John MantoothSome roads are haunted by the past. Some by ghosts. Some are even haunted by demons. The one Forest must travel is haunted by all three.

When she discovers Pastor Nesmith praying to a demonic entity in her family’s barn, Forest knows she must run. Enraged at the possibility of having his true allegiance exposed, Nesmith pursues Forest as she flees on foot, hoping to reach the one person who will believe her—her grandmother. Unfortunately, Granny is forty miles away, and Forest has no car, no phone, and no friends. To reach her, Forest will have to learn to see the world true, even as the demonic and the sacred wage war for her soul.

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