New Collectors Club Includes An Exclusive Signed Limited Edition Hardcover Printed Just For Members: Husks by Glen Krisch!

Hi Folks!

We’re very pleased to tell you about one of the exclusive perks for the 10th year of the Cemetery Dance Collectors Club, a “Not For Sale” signed Limited Edition hardcover of Husks by Glen Krisch!

This book is already designed and proofread, and we just need to know how many signature sheets to print, which will be determined by the number of collectors who sign-up for the CDCC 10!

About the Book:
As he chased after the fleeting echo of his dead wife’s laughter, some part of him drained away, leaving a dried husk in its place…

Hank Moorland has been wandering for days, an aimless drifter running out of food and water, running out of reasons to live. The only thing that keeps him going is a promise he made long ago to his wife before she died: he would carry on, despite her absence.

With his last remaining energy, Hank stumbles onto an isolated farmhouse where he meets a kindly old man and a younger woman. Ollie and Margo welcome him and begin to nurse him back to health.

Margo’s healing attentions include a soft humming that seems to inspire vivid dreams of his long-dead wife. At night, those visions make Hank happier than he’s been in a long time. But what effect will the dreams have on his waking hours…?


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Thank you, as always, for your continued support and enthusiasm!

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