New eBook Available Now! Gloria by Bentley Little

by Bentley Little

Now Available As An eBook!

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We’re pleased to announce that Bentley Little’s brand new novel Gloria is now available as an eBook, and this one is strange and wonderful in that perfectly Bentley Little way! Here are some quick links for ordering:

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About the Book:
Considering she had just attended her mother’s funeral, Gloria Jaymes never expected to see the woman again, but then her dead mom shows up at her house.

Gloria’s mom is… different. She’s younger than when she died, dressed in clothes from the 1980s. And nobody else in Gloria’s family seems to recognize her.

As Gloria tries to figure out the reason for her mother’s reappearance — and the odd behaviors the woman begins to exhibit — other bizarre events occur. The changes to Gloria’s world are small and subtle, at first… then they become much more startling.

The freaky situation might just be connected to a mysterious shed in a small California town. The strangers who gather around the shed seem to know Gloria’s name… and maybe they aren’t strangers after all.

With Gloria, Bentley Little presents one of his most complex and compelling novels — one that is certain to surprise readers on every page.


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