A New Forthcoming EARLY READERS Grab Bag!

A New Forthcoming EARLY READERS Grab Bag!
Get Five Advance Review Copies
before the Limited Editions are published!

Includes A Great New Unannounced Book For Stephen King Fans!

Hi Folks!

We’ve put together one of our “Forthcoming EARLY READER” Grab Bags and the available slots are filling up fast!

The small group of collectors who order this deal before supplies run out will receive Advance Reader Copies for FIVE different upcoming Cemetery Dance Publications special editions before the general public.

These review copies are trade paperback editions of the books that are printed several months before the “final” editions go to the printer, so booksellers and reviewers can read the book before everyone else. Because these copies are printed early, they may contain slight differences from the actual final book. With some authors, these review copies — especially when they are a little different than the final book in some way — are the most collectible editions of any of their works.

Grab Bag

Read more or place your order while our supplies last!

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