New Praise for The Notch by Tom Holland: First Novel Ever by director and screenwriter of Fright Night and the original Child’s Play!

We’re very pleased to share some recent praise for The Notch by Tom Holland, the very first novel ever by the director and screenwriter of Fright Night and the original Child’s Play, which is in-stock and ready to ship now:

“Tom Holland has always been a first-rate storyteller, whose work mingles a wicked vision of evil with a welcome element of humanity. By turns scary, funny and moving, The Notch is a horror novel that will make you remember sitting up until dawn to finish a book, because you’ll be doing it all over again.”
 — Clive Barker, writer/director of Hellraiser

“Tom Holland’s The Notch is his first novel, but you wouldn’t know it from this strange and wondrous book.”
 — John Landis, writer/director of The Blues Brothers

“Tom Holland weaves a thrilling and suspenseful novel that feels more and more relevant as the days go on.  A fun story with hints of The Stand and Carrie, the story takes us to a world of greed, paranoia and the approach of a worldwide epidemic through the eyes of a small boy whose powers can have global consequences.”
— Greg Nicotero, Director/Executive Producer of The Walking Dead and Creepshow

“All of us start with a What If question and let our imaginations roam. Tom Holland has created a character that does one better: he stirs the what if in the mind of the readers with The Notch. It is truly the kind of novel that gets the reader to be part of the story. There is nothing like turning a page in your own mind.”
— Andrew Neiderman, author of The Devil’s Advocate and the V.C Andrews novels

“With The Notch, Tom Holland shows that he is as distinguished a storyteller on the page as he is on the screen. His novel, with echoes of Stephen King’s The Stand, is a mysterious, horrifying, and imaginative adventure tale that will keep you turning the pages.”
— Mick Garris, Creator/Producer of Masters of Horror

The Notch

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