New Signed Limited Edition Hardcover by Brian Keene and Bev Vincent!

We’re very pleased to announce the 11th annual Cemetery Dance Collectors Club, and we have some BIG things planned for the next year!

One of our most popular Collectors Club Bonus Items of all-time is our “Not For Sale” signed Limited Edition hardcovers, which are printed only for members of the CDCC and not sold to retailers or the general public, and this year we have something special we think our collectors will really love… a brand new book by Brian Keene and Bev Vincent!

This special edition contains TWO full-length novellas (The Motel at the End of the World by Brian Keene and The Dead of Winter by Bev Vincent), and the book is already designed and reader for the printer! The authors have set aside time to sign the signature sheets as soon as we know the print run, which is determined by the number of members in the club.

REMINDER: Your membership and your exclusive discounts technically begin on October 1st, but as has become our tradition, we’ll include you on the current CDCC emails IMMEDIATELY, so your savings will actually begin with the very next special offer mailing! Do not wait to sign up!


Read more or place your order on our website while supplies last!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and enthusiasm!

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