News From The Dead Zone #54

Breaking News from the Dead Zone

Ehren Kruger talks about The Talisman miniseries with the folks at Coming Soon. “The core structure of the feature was always that of the novel, but there was just no way we could include a lot of what’s in the novel, so now we’re able to go back and cherry-pick the best sequences and plotlines and subplots of the novel again.”

New York Comic Con announced that it will launch an audio and video podcast available free to the general public. The podcast episodes, which will begin almost immediately after New York Comic Con (February 23-25) concludes, will feature interviews, anime clips, previews from TV shows and films and highlights from panel discussions at the show. The podcasts are expected to be released for several months following the convention and will remain available throughout the year. King, who will be at the con on February 24th, will be among the guests of honor featured in interview podcasts. Read the rest of the press release.

Marvel held a press conference yesterday to discuss The Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born #1, released next month. Sitting at the head of the audio table was Robin Furth, chief story architect of the hotly anticipated comic adaptation and long time associate of Stephen King. Also in attendance were Marvel editors Ralph Macchio, Nicole Boos, John Barber, as well as Jim McCann, Marvel’s Assistant Manager of Sales Communication. Read more about what was said at the press conference.

A couple of other Marvel-related intervews: Part II of interview with Peter David and Entering the Dark Tower IV- Robin Furth interview. The Gunslinger Born is featured on the front cover of the January 24th issue of Marvel’s Daily Bugle magazine. The issue is available for 25¢ at most comic book stores.

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