News From The Dead Zone #78

Breaking News from the Dead Zone

1408 comes out on DVD next week, in a standard edition and a 2-disk version. Here’s a DVD Talk review of the two-disk version. Blockbuster has an online game 1408 Room & Doom, inspired by the movie. “Players who survive the psychological onslaught of Room 1408 will receive one of three bonus experiences. These include a special 1408 wallpaper download or a sneak peak at an alternate ending to the movie, otherwise available only on DVD. In a third experience, players can watch a trailer and behind-the-scenes footage of The Mist.” Entries in the sweepstakes must be made by Oct. 14.

Speaking of The Mist, here’s a new movie poster and a handful of new pictures.

The Stephen King Area of the Popular Culture Association is seeking papers for the Annual National Joint Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference to be held March 19-22, 2008 at the San Francisco Marriot. “Papers which cover any aspect of Stephen King—his fiction, films, non-fiction, King in the classroom, the King phenomenon—are sought for this area. For the 2008 National PCA/ACA conference, we would like to note that we are quite interested in papers which focus on The Dark Tower series (and the recently released graphic novels, The Gunslinger Born). Of course, papers which focus on King’s early writing, the Bachman books, and King’s uncollected writings, to name a few additional topics, are most certainly welcomed.” Visit this site for full details.

Finally, here’s SK’s response to well-wishers:

To Everyone,

Although I am trying to make the best of it, turning 60 is a bit of a bummer. Nevertheless, so many people who visit the web site have cheered me up with their greetings and good wishes. Not to mention all the people who contributed checks to The Haven Foundation to mark my passage into the golden city of Geezerdom! Thank you all! And now, please, can’t we just forget the whole thing? From now on, I am going backwards. Next year I will be 59 and by 2017, I will be 50 again.

Love and best wishes to all you Constant Readers out there,

Steve King
Posted 24 September 2007

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