News From The Dead Zone #8

Breaking News from the Dead Zone

The Amazon Fishbowl episode where Bill Maher interviews King is now online. One blogster wondered aloud how the folks at Amazon feel about the drug and booze discussion that was part of their 10-minute set. “Now, it’s one thing when you’re hearing this type of thing on late night TV, but on the front page of an e-tailer’s Web site? In broad daylight? While at work? It’s kind of a different brand resonance for Amazon than I expected. Will we be seeing more of this type of disconnect as programming becomes increasingly un-hitched from time-of-day (and expected place of consumption)?”

For all his apparent disdain of cell phones, don’t think for a minute that King is reactionary against all technology. He is quoted in a NY Times article as saying, “It wounds me to be called a technophobe” in a statement sent – as if to prove his point – by e-mail.

Here’s an article about Tom Gordon’s trade to Philly and his awareness of Stephen King.

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