On Dangerous Ground Arrives This Week!

Featuring Ed Gorman, Norman Partridge, Bentley Little, Robert J. Randisi, Jon L. Breen, Dave Zeltserman, Jeremiah Healy, and many others!

On Dangerous GroundOn Dangerous Ground: Stories of Western Noir is shipping to us from our printer this week so this is your LAST chance to receive FREE US SHIPPING and a guaranteed 1st Edition, 1st Printing!

Because of the tremendous reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, we already have purchase orders from the big book distributors for MORE COPIES THAN WE ARE PRINTING so this book COULD have been made Out of Print months ago when it was announced, but we want to make sure our direct customers get copies at the regular retail price and not an inflated second-hand price!

Do not wait to order because we’ll be deciding next week how many of those distributor orders we’re going to fill.

Free US ShippingAbout the Book:

For generations raised on the Saturday afternoon thrills of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, the appearance of the so-called “psychological westerns” of the Forties, Fifties and Sixties came as a surprise. And, to some who didn’t care for them, a shock.

With such films as Blood On The Moon, Winchester `73, and The Naked Spur, audiences saw characters very much like themselves emotionally. Critics argued the authenticity of some of the history in these films but there was no denying their power. Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch confirmed, once and for all, that the western had changed forever, psychologically and sometimes politically relevant to our own times.

On Dangerous Ground features stories of every kind, all with a western setting, all with darkness at their core. And all with the kind of edge that demonstrates how timeless the form is when used well.

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