Our Customers and their Cemetery Dance Collections

Here are a few of our customers and their Cemetery Dance collections! If you’d like to see your photo here, please contact Brian Freeman for more information.

Keira, one of our youngest collectors:


Pati Parvis’s collection:

Patti Parvis

Phil Grove’s collection:

Phil Grove

Lars from Norway:


Larry Kinney and his collection:

Larry Kinney

Brian Hovath’s collection:

Brian Hovath

Rich DeMars:

Rich Demars

Leigh Haig:

Leigh Haig

Norm Wilson:

Norm Wilson

Nanci Kalanta’s books:

Nanci Kalanta

Pam Herbster’s books:

Pam Herbster

Jonathan Reitan’s books:

Jonathan Reitan

3 thoughts on “Our Customers and their Cemetery Dance Collections”

  1. These Collections Are Off The Charts,i Love Them All. My Hat”s Off To Them All.Very,Very,Cool.!!! Good Job.!!!

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