Picking the Bones by Brian Hodge: Starred Publishers Weekly Review!

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Picking the Bones

If you haven’t ordered your copy of Picking the Bones by Brian Hodge, you don’t want to wait because Publishers Weekly just weighed in and gave the book a much coveted STARRED REVIEW and they had nothing but great things to say about Hodge’s new collection!

What does this mean for you, the reader or collector? Here’s what happens when our books get a starred review: hundreds of “purchase orders” from book distributors, booksellers, and libraries start pouring into our office… but because we print Limited Editions, we only have so many copies to sell and we can’t fill all of the orders!

Picking the Bones was already headed for very low stock levels due to strong preorder demand and we don’t want our direct customers don’t miss out. We will do everything we can to fill your order if you order through our website this week, but next week we’ll begin filling distributor orders, so the rest of the copies could go very quickly!

Please Note: If you ordered from a big online retailer or bookseller, we can’t guarantee their orders will get filled before we run out of copies. Do NOT depend on one of the large booksellers if you really want this title in your collection. (All of our usual indie retailers are getting their copies if they’re up-to-date on their invoices, so don’t worry if you ordered from them.)

Here’s just a little bit of this terrific review:

PW Star Hodge explores the nature of humankind’s deepest fears and worst failings in his eclectic fourth dark fiction collection. Eloquent, intensely intimate, and infused with existential angst, each of the 17 stories packs a powerful thematic punch… The diversity and quality of stories will more than satisfy longtime horror and dark fantasy fans, and will have new readers hastily seeking out Hodge’s earlier works.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

You can read the rest on our website, but don’t wait too long to place your order because this Signed Limited Edition is going fast!

Click here to read more or to place your order before supplies run out!

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