RAMBO III Signed Limited Edition Novel!

We’re pleased to report we will be receiving copies of the Rambo III signed Limited Edition hardcover by David Morrell from Gauntlet Press, but our copies will not last long!

2017 marks the forty-fifth anniversary of David Morrell’s groundbreaking First Blood, the novel that introduced Rambo and pioneered a new way of writing action that changed the world of thrillers. The huge success of that film led to three film sequels, and as an experiment, Morrell wrote novelizations for two of them: Rambo (First Blood Part II) and Rambo III.

Producers usually require novelizations to adhere so strictly to the script that there’s little opportunity to be creative. But as Rambo’s creator, Morrell had unusual freedom to add new material. In this special collectors edition for Rambo III, that freedom is manifest.

Providing abundant supplementary material, Morrell discusses the film’s complex journey. An early script had the potential to justify the project’s nickname, “Rambo of Arabia.” But as the budget exploded, the script was simplified through numerous drafts until the final version was only half of the original story. Major elements of the early script survive, however, in this remarkable novelization, to which Morrell added his own plot points!

Rambo 3

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