Submitting books for possible review in Cemetery Dance magazine

If you have a soon-to-be-published book that you’d like to have considered for possible review at, you’re on the right page.

(This is NOT how you submit manuscripts for publication consideration. This page is only for books that are already being published. If you have a manuscript or artwork you want to submit to the magazine, comic, or book line, please visit the appropriate page: Magazine Submission Guidelines, Comic Submission Guidelines, or Book Submission Guidelines.)

Please Note: Authors may submit properly bound review copies, but please make sure your publisher isn’t sending us a review copy first. We are happy to consider self-published works, but they must be submitted as bound copies. No emails, electronic versions, or loose pages please.

To have your book considered for review in the magazine, please send one review copy/galley to each of the following addresses:

Cemetery Dance magazine
Review Department
132-B Industry Lane, Unit 7
Forest Hill, MD 21050

Kevin Lucia
Reviews Sections Editor
483 Dunham Hill Road
Castle Creek, NY 13744

You need to send review copies to both addresses for your book to be fully considered. Materials cannot be returned and we cannot confirm receipt due to the overwhelming amount of material we receive.

You can also now send review copies in standard eBook formats to Kevin Lucia at this email address:

We receive hundreds of review copies every month, and although the editors wish we could review them all, we have a very limited number of slots.