The Dark Man by Stephen King Reviewed by The October Country!

Yet another glowing review for The Dark Man by Stephen King has arrived, this time from Blu Gilliand over at The October Country. Here’s just part of what he had to say:

“The poem itself is told from The Dark Man’s point-of-view, and it’s an effectively chilling piece of work. The world he describes is not unlike most King settings, a place where mundane sights like all-night filling stations and wheat fields exist beneath an ominous ‘savage sickle moon,’ and where sits ‘a gutted columned house leeched with vines.’ It’s strong imagery, and it’s easy to see how aspects of the character bled over into King’s later work…

But where The Dark Man really comes to life is in the marriage of King’s text to Glenn Chadbourne’s stark, brutal imagery. Thumbing through the book you can almost feel a cold October wind coming off the pages, and you can almost smell the desperation and fear permeating the desolate, broken landscape. Chadbourne’s distinctive style has graced a number of King/Cemetery Dance projects, but never has it felt like a more perfect fit than it does here. The drawings are dense, packed with details that seem to shift and flow of their own accord so that each time you study the pages you see something else.

It may not be for everybody, but a book like this is sure to please adventurous readers looking for new insight into one of King’s most well-known creations. The Dark Man is a moody leap of faith by the creators and the publisher that pays off handsomely in the end.”

Read the rest of the review at The October Country.

The Dark Man

The Dark Man

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