The Dropper by Ron McLarty eBook Edition!

The Dropper by Ron McLarty:

Rave New Review, 1st Editions Still Available, and eBook Edition Available NOW!


The DropperHi Folks!

The Dropper by Ron McLarty is receiving rave reviews from reviewers and readers alike, and we wanted to share one in particular that definitely captured the essence of what makes this such a fine novel:

“Full of substance, tempered by an unflinching realism, The Dropper is an emotionally complex portrait of a confused and determined young man aching for something better, unable to provide it, but still fighting to, anyway. This is the type of story that defies easy categorization, for all those who love rooting for the underdog, the fighter in all of us… Haunting and melancholic, with the lightest touch of the supernatural, The Dropper is sure to be one of the year’s best novels. This isn’t a “ghost story” or “dark fiction” or anything like that. This is simply storytelling at its finest, a tale about a young man who never quite figures things out, but never drops his fists, either.”

Read the complete review by Kevin Lucia on the Shroud Magazine Book Reviews website.

There are still copies of the 1st Edition, 1st Printing available, but don’t wait to place your order!


In other news, we’re pleased to report there is now an eBook edition available for those who prefer to read their books electronically:

Download from Cemetery Dance

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Download for the Nook

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