The Influence by Bentley Little eBook Discounted to Just $1.99 This Week!

The Influence by Bentley Little eBook Discounted to Just $1.99 This Week!

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We’re pleased to report the eBook edition of The Influence by Bentley Little is discounted to just $1.99 as part of an eBook retailer’s Halloween Special Sale this week! All of the other US retailers have price matched (and we think some of the non-US retailers have as well), so now is the time to order this one if it’s missing from your e-reader collection!

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The InfluenceThe Influence: A New Novel
by Bentley Little

Everything is about to change…

When Ross Lowry moves into his cousin’s guest house in the small community of Magdalena, Arizona, he expects nothing more than breathing room and a brief respite from his economic woes.

But something is not right in the desert.

After a raucous party on New Year’s Eve, the luck of the attendees undergoes an immediate U-turn. The rich and successful suddenly find themselves facing catastrophic failure while the less well-off are unexpectedly flush with good fortune.

This is only the beginning…

Soon the citizens of Magdalena are experiencing unnatural desires.

Next their children begin to disappear and freakish creatures emerge from the surrounding wilderness.

The community is unraveling at a frightening pace.

But these are merely the early warning signs of a showdown with a powerful force of darkness that could obliterate the world forever, and only Ross Lowry sees the danger that lurks ahead…

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