The Narrator In-Stock Trade Paperback Just $14!

The Narrator
by Michael McBride and Norman Prentiss
In-Stock Trade Paperback Just $14!

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The NarratorIn case you missed the news earlier this year , we’re very pleased to report that The Narrator by Michael McBride and Norman Prentiss is available as an afforable trade paperback and copies are available to ship now!

About the Book:
Critically acclaimed horror scribes Michael McBride and Norman Prentiss team up to bring you this atmospheric tale of a schoolroom descending into madness.

Something is wrong with Julia Linder’s sixth grade class.

One boy’s harmless tendency of getting lost becomes a crippling fog of disorientation. A girl’s mild twitch turns into an obsessive pattern of frightened raps and repetition. The symptoms are spreading and the source seems to be stories that seize upon the children’s deeply seated fears and intensify them exponentially.

How can mere stories change their behavior?

Abbie is a bright girl at the heart of the mystery. The others are inexplicably drawn to her and become increasingly devoted to her with each passing day. But should her classmates trust her?

The secrets are locked in tales from the past, where only The Narrator can find them.

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