Turn Down the Lights Shipping Soon and Tremendous New Reviews Are Arriving!

We’re pleased to report that the trade edition of Turn Down the Lights edited by Richard Chizmar is on the way to us from the printer and will begin shipping soon.

Turn Down the LightsIf you’re still on the fence, we’d like to point you toward some of the reviews landing on our desk. Click on the links below the excerpts to read the entire reviews, which we highlight recommend:

Turn Down the Lights doesn’t just celebrate Cemetery Dance magazine; it illustrates why the magazine is still such a vital publication a quarter of a century later. Chizmar’s eye for talent is impeccable, and his appreciation for all kinds of horror is essential to his success. These stories flow from the quiet to the surreal, from esoteric experimentation to Saturday matinee funhouse-style horror. For authors, an outlet like Cemetery Dance is a godsend. For readers, Cemetery Dance — including the magazine, this anthology and whatever projects come our way over the next 25 years — is a goldmine.”
— Blu Gilliand, FEARnet

Turn Down the Lights functions as both a celebration and a summation; aptly, quite a few of these stories are about endings, quiet and loud… ”
— Kevin Quigley, FEARnet

“I read devoured the stories in an afternoon, trying to make them last, but unable to control myself. Isn’t that what we all want? Books that compel us to just keep reading – more, more, faster! Yeah, this book has that in spades.”
— SJ, Snobbery

Read more or place your order today while supplies last!

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