Twenty-First Century King by Bev Vincent

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Twenty-First Century KingWe’re pleased to announce Twenty-First Century King by Bev Vincent, a “surprise in-stock” signed Limited Edition chapbook featuring a full color cover! This great new collectible is in our warehouse now and will be ready to ship early next week, so don’t wait to place your order!

Since the turn of the century, Bev Vincent, author of The Stephen King Illustrated Companion and The Road to the Dark Tower, has been reviewing the works of Stephen King. These reviews have been published in a variety of venues, including Onyx Reviews, The Essential Stephen King, FEARnet, the Conroe Courier, and Cemetery Dance magazine.

Twenty-First Century King collects these reviews for the first time, starting with Riding the Bullet, King’s first published work after his near-fatal accident in 1999. The twenty-one reviews (amounting to nearly 21,000 words) cover works of non-fiction, collections, collaborations, pseudonymous works and novels, including five books from the Dark Tower series.

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