Two eBooks Added to the Cemetery Dance Store!

Two eBooks Added to the Cemetery Dance Store:
Dirty Coppers by Richard Chizmar & Ed Gorman

Walpuski’s Typewriter by Frank Darabont

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Walpuski's TypewriterToday we’re pleased to announce two new eBooks have been added to our online store and they’re both LONG Out of Print classics we’ve been asked about a lot over the years:

Walpuski’s Typewriter
by Frank Darabont

About the eBook:
The first-ever book (fiction) project from Frank Darabont, the Academy Award-nominated director of The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption!

Howard Walpuski is a struggling writer trying to make his way on the tough streets of Hollywood. And like so many others, he dreams of the big-time. But times are tough and when he walks into the run-down repair shop with his old typewriter under his arm and five bucks in his wallet, he figures it’s about to get a lot tougher.

But he’s wrong.

Because not only is his typewriter fixed that afternoon at the old shop… so is his life.

Suddenly he is writing like never before… and suddenly his work is selling like never before. In fact, before long, he’s a star on the fast track to certain fame and wealth.

But there’s a price to pay for his overnight success.

And Howard Walpuski must pay it… in blood.

Walpuski’s Typewriter is packed with dark chills and terrifying suspense and laced with a brilliant streak of black humor. It’s one of the most compelling reads of the year and should not be missed!

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Dirty Coppers

Dirty Coppers
by Richard Chizmar & Ed Gorman

About the eBook:
Sometime in the near future, a hell-hold of an America, where sometimes you can’t tell the good buys from the bad guys.

Mullican (he) and Neely (she) are urban cops who (usually) protect the innocent, but along the way also stuff their own pockets, and kill off a few people that they (and we) really hate. That’s the prerogative of the urban cop of the future, doubling as executioner, with your trial held right at the point of arrest.

Now Mulligan and Neely must also play detective, and find out who’s killing off the male clientele at the cybersex bars. These are some of the nastiest killings the two cynical coppers have ever encountered.

No matter what you’ve read… You’ve never met a pair of cops like Dirty Coppers in this noirish nightmare of future America.

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