Two “Nameless Detective” Novellas by Bill Pronzini Shipping Soon!

A Classic Rare Reprint & An Original, Never Before Published Story!

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We’re pleased to announce our two “Nameless Detective” novellas by Bill Pronzini have arrived in our warehouse and preorders will be shipping soon!

Femme: An Original “Nameless Detective” Novella

by Bill Pronzini

Femme fatale. French for “deadly woman.”

FemmeYou hear the term a lot these days, usually in connection with noir fiction and film noir. But they’re not just products of literature or film, the folklore of nearly every culture. They exist in modern society, too. The genuine femme fatales you hear about now and then are every bit as evil as the fictional variety. Yet what sets them apart is that they’re the failures, the ones who for one reason or another got caught. For every one of those, there must be several times as many who get away with their destructive crimes…

In the thirty years the Nameless Detective has been a private investigator, he has never once had the misfortune to cross paths with this type of seductress… but in Femme he’ll meet Cory Beckett, a deadly woman who has brought some new angles to the species. New—and terrible.

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Kinsmen: A “Nameless Detective” Novella

by Bill Pronzini

Allison Shay was traveling home from the University of Oregon with her new boyfriend, Rob Compton, when their car broke down near the tiny rural town of Creekside, California. Soon after, Allison and Rob went missing without a trace.

KinsmenWhatever happened, it felt like something bad to the Nameless Detective. Five days without a whisper of contact with the outside world. Long past the inconsiderate-kids stage; long past the silly and the harmless.

Kinsmen takes Bill Pronzini’s classic private investigator to California’s northeast backwoods, where an isolated community is determined to keep a deep, dark secret: why Allison Shay and Rob Compton really vanished.

The real question facing the Nameless Detective: are they still alive?

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