Two New Robert McCammon Limited Editions Including A BRAND NEW Vampire Novella!

Two New Robert McCammon Limited Editions
Including A BRAND NEW Vampire Novella!

I Travel by Night and The Night Boat

We’re very pleased to report we’ll be getting a few copies of two new Robert McCammon books from Subterranean Press, but our supplies are limited so don’t wait to place your order!

I Travel by Night
by Robert McCammon

I Travel By Night

Trade Edition: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition ($35)
Limited Edition: 474 signed numbered copies, housed in a custom slipcase ($75)

About the Book:
Subterranean Press has announced Robert McCammon’s I Travel by Night, his return to full on horror after more than a decade away! The tale itself is done, and has been fully designed and proofread for some months. The legendary Michael Whelan has agreed to provide an original dust jacket illustration, which we’ll share as soon as we possibly can.

I Travel by Night marks Robert McCammon’s triumphant return to the sort of flamboyant, go-for-broke horror fiction that has earned him an international reputation and a legion of devoted fans. The terrors of the Dark Society, the gothic sensibilities of old New Orleans, and the tortured existence of theunforgettable vampire adventurer Trevor Lawson all combine into a heady brew that will thrill McCammon’s loyal readers and earn him new ones as well.

For Lawson, the horrors that stalked the Civil War battlefield at Shiloh were more than just those of war. After being forcibly given the gift of undeath by the mysterious vampire queen LaRouge, Lawson chose to cling to what remained of his humanity and fought his way free of the Dark Society’s clutches. In the decades since, he has roamed late nineteenth century America, doing what good he can as he travels by night, combating evils mundane and supernatural, and always seeking the key to regaining a mortal life.

That key lies with his maker, and now Lawson hopes to find LaRouge at the heart of a Louisiana swamp with the aid of a haunted priest and an unexpected ally. In the tornado-wracked ghost town of Nocturne, Lawson must face down monstrous enemies, the rising sun, and his own nature. Readers will not want to miss this thrilling new dark novella from a master storyteller.

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The Night Boat
by Robert McCammon

The Night BoatLimited Edition: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies, fully bound in cloth

About the Book:
The Night Boat, Robert McCammon’s third published novel, first appeared as a paperback original in 1980. Following on the heels of Baal and Bethany’s Sin, it offered further proof that a writer of great narrative power and limitless potential—a writer who would achieve a significant position in modern popular fiction—had arrived.

The story begins with a vividly written prologue in which a German U-boat—sometimes known as an “Iron Coffin”—attacks an unsuspecting merchant vessel, and is itself attacked by a pair of Allied sub chasers. The action then shifts to the present day and to the idyllic Caribbean island of Coquina, where life is about to change in unimaginable ways. David Moore, a young man with a tragic and haunted past, is skin-diving in the waters off Coquina, searching for the salvageable remnants of shipwrecks. He accidentally detonates a long-unexploded depth charge, uncovering and releasing a submarine that has lain beneath those waters, virtually intact, for decades. The battered vessel that rises to the surface contains a bizarre and terrifying cargo that will transform a once peaceful island into a landscape of unrelenting nightmare.

The Night Boat is a story of cannibalism, ancient voodoo curses, and shambling, undead entities filled with a bottomless rage and an equally bottomless hunger. But it is also the story of a past that refuses to die, that lies in wait just beneath the surface of the unsuspecting present. Furiously paced and viscerally frightening, this horrific early gem is both an outstanding entertainment in its own right and a harbinger of the masterpieces to come.

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