Ugly by Mick Garris: Just Announced! Brand New Signed Limited Edition Rolling At The Printer!

Ugly by Mick Garris
Just Announced! Brand New Signed Limited Edition Rolling At The Printer!
Cover Artwork by Tomislav Tikulin

Hi Folks!

UglyWe’re extremely pleased to report that we’ve sent Ugly by Mick Garris, a brand new Signed Limited Edition hardcover, to the printer and it’ll be published in June!

About the Book:
Being a doctor empowers you in ways civilians cannot imagine, and Terry has helped the rich and famous of Hollywood stay young and perfect for years past their prime. He thinks he’s seen everything, but he hasn’t seen someone like Brittany before.

I turned around in slow motion, reeling, and saw the repellent creature behind the counter staring at me. Even more repulsive, she was starting to smile. Her teeth were horrifically staggered.

“Maybe you should stay,” she said, happily.

I tried to shake my head, but it just jerked spastically. I tried to speak, but my tongue was thick and my lips couldn’t form the words. I just gulped and floundered like a goldfish dumped from its bowl onto the floor. And then this creature shambled out from behind the counter and crossed the room, her shadow growing as she grew closer until it devoured me. She turned off the lights, put the CLOSED sign in the window, lowered the curtains, and squatted down next to me.

“You’re pretty,” she told me…

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