Update on Oktober Shadows by Norman Partridge

We have an update on Oktober Shadows by Norman Partridge today from the author himself:

Hi all:

First off, thanks to all who ordered a copy of OKTOBER SHADOWS from Cemetery Dance. I’m sorry the book has taken so long. The delay is entirely my fault, and has nothing at all to do with the fine folks at CD, who’ve been nothing but supportive as I’ve (admittedly) struggled with this book.

OKTOBER SHADOWS has been a tough project for me for a number of reasons. I’ve hit a few walls writing it. But since I’ve always believed that one man’s reasons sound little different than another man’s excuses, I’ll spare you the details. Let me just say the good news is that I’ve turned a corner and work is going well on the project. For one thing, the story has expanded. OKTOBER SHADOWS will be longer than the 15,000 word novella I first envisioned, and making that decision has opened things up for me. In a way, it’s taken a creative straight-jacket off the story. And for me, the story is the main thing–I want to do the best job I can in service of it, especially given the delay.

So thanks for hanging in there. I’m doing my damnedest to make the book a solid piece of work you’ll enjoy reading. I’d also like to thank Rich, Brian, and the good folks at CD for their support. I know they’ll do a first-class job with the production of OKTOBER SHADOWS when the book is in their hands, and I hope when all is said and done it will be a book that readers will find worth the wait.

All the best,

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