Cemetery Dance Production Update!

We’re working hard to catch up with our hardcover publication schedule in 2024. In some cases, we’re at the mercy of overworked and understaffed printers and case manufacturers, but these companies are committed to helping us get back to a normal release schedule, and Dan Franklin is learning the ropes to help keep things moving.

Here are updates on just some of our projects in progress:

The Best of Cemetery Dance 2 Lettered Edition
Traycases are finished and approved, and we expect to ship in 1-2 weeks.

So Cold the River 
Books are finished at press, waiting on the final approval copy to arrive at office. Expect to ship in 2 weeks after that.

Stephen King Revisited
Rolling at press, expect to ship in 6-8 weeks.

Little Boy (unannounced)
Rolling at press, expected in 8-10 weeks, will be announced closer to publication.

The Stand
Books are at the press and we expect them to finish their work this summer. Slipcases and Traycases will be later in summer because we need finished books to get the sizing just right. For a book of this size, a dummy book isn’t reliable, and we want to be sure they’re perfect.

A Face in the Crowd Artist Edition
The books finished and in hand! Slipcases should be finished in 6 weeks.

A Face in the Crowd Lettered Edition
At the hand binder, who is also making the Traycases. Will ship as each batch of 10-12 copies are sent to us.

Gwendy’s Final Task Limited & Lettered 
Sig sheets are signed and the books are at the binder. We’re expecting to ship this summer.

Gwendy’s Magic Feather Lettered Edition 
Wooden feathers are completed. Books are finished and in warehouse. Traycases are being worked on at the manufacturer now.

Rolling at press and expected in 8-10 weeks.

We’ll share more news on these as they get closer to shipping, and we thank you for your continuing enthusiasm and support!

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