Dracula by Bram Stoker Special Edition from Gemini Artifacts!

Experience Dracula like never before! Antiquarian Artist Vic Nadata is recreating Bram Stoker’s classic masterpiece in a whole new (yet old!) way!

For your consideration is this hand-aged reproduction of the 1899 first US Edition of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The cover boasts an impressive three-color process and is finished with hot foil stamping. Each copy goes through a hand-aged antiquing. This is not a printed simulation, and because of this each individual copy is unique!

This special edition of Dracula is limited to a single print run of 200 copies. Each copy comes with a wax sealed envelope containing a photo of Bram Stoker, biography, and edition information. Each certificate of authenticity (C.O.A.) is signed by the artist.

In addition to your printed C.O.A, each copy of Dracula includes an aged cross with your unique book number pressed into its metal.

To complete this incredible offering is a small wax sealed glass vial with soil from Bram Castle in Romania.

Destined to be a sought after collectible, this summer you’ll be able to hold a horror masterpiece in your hands like never before and travel back to Transylvania to relive this classic!


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