The Girl Who Builds Monsters by Brian James Freeman and Vincent Chong!

A new children’s book two years in the making! Brian James Freeman and Vincent Chong have teamed up to tell the story of a quiet girl named Emma who lives with her kindly grandfather, the owner of a factory where he creates the most beautiful dolls in the world.

One day while exploring the factory, Emma discovers a forgotten workbench and some wooden crates. Inside the crates are broken pieces of machinery and rejected doll parts, which Emma begins to assemble into dolls of her own design. They are very different from the dolls her grandfather makes, but Emma says this is what makes them special.

Emma loves her dolls, and she has no idea how much they love her back, but when two burglars sneak into the cottage where Emma and her grandfather are fast asleep, her new “monster dolls” will prove exactly how special they really are…

The Signed & Slipcased Hardcover Limited Edition and the Signed & Traycased Hardcover Lettered Edition include a 32 page bonus section after the story that takes you “behind the scenes” of the writing and illustrating of the story with author and artists notes, conceptual art, sketches, and more!

The Girl Who Builds Monsters

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