A Halloween Thing A Day: ‘Three Skeleton Key’ with Vincent Price


Three men in an isolated lighthouse…a derelict ship swarming with rats…a desperate struggle for survival…all narrated by the late, great Vincent Price.

“Three Skeleton Key” is the story (written by George G. Toudouze), and Escape is the name of the radio program Price famously performed the story for in 1950 (he also performed it for the program Suspense in 1956 and 1958). It’s a terrifically tense, atmospheric tale, enhanced greatly by Price’s presence and the work of a crack sound effects man and supporting cast. It’s the perfect thing to dial up late at night as we creep closer to Halloween. Gather ’round and listen to a story….

Blu Gilliand is the managing editor of Cemetery Dance Magazine and Cemetery Dance Online. 

2 thoughts on “A Halloween Thing A Day: ‘Three Skeleton Key’ with Vincent Price”

  1. Yup, “Three Skeleton Key” is definitely one of the scariest old radio broadcasts. A few other great ones are “The House in Cypress Canyon,” “The Thing on the Fourble Board,” and “On a Country Road” (featuring Cary Grant!). Bette Davis fans won’t want to miss “Goodnight, Mrs. Russel,” either. All of these are perfect for a dark autumn night.

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