He Who Types Between the Rows: A Decade of Horror Drive-In

In January 2006, Mark Sieber created the Horror Drive-In website as a home for his new message board. The site also provided a platform for Sieber to discuss his lifelong passions: books, movies, music, publishing, drive-in theaters, and the horror community. Not merely content to review and comment on the state of the industry, Sieber offered insights and revelations into his own life as a horror devotee.

He Who Types Between the Rows offers a tour of the genre from 2006 to 2017. From King and McCammon to newer writers such as Rio Youers and Caroline Kepnes, from Evil Dead to Nudist Colony of the Dead, Sieber’s essays cover the vast spectrum of horror in all its forms. This book gives readers a view of the field from the trenches, written by a true fan.

So hurry back with your snacks, make one last bathroom stop, and grab that illicit case of beer from the trunk. Showtime is in one minute.

This edition includes a Foreword by Jeff Strand, and an Afterword by Thomas F. Monteleone.

Damage and Dread

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