News From The Dead Zone #56

Breaking News from the Dead Zone

The Gunslinger Born is almost here! Marvel announced today that due to the tremendous popularity of the variant cover program, each issue of The Gunslinger Born will feature a sketch cover, as chosen by Jae Lee, and an all-new variant cover by one of the top artists in the industry. Issue #2 will feature a variant cover by David Finch (New Avengers, Moon Knight) and a sketch cover by Jae Lee (shown here). Stay tuned to for more on who the other variant cover artists will be. Jae Lee takes the T.M.I. quiz.

“We have more than exceeded our initial forecast numbers. With the first issue looking to surpass 200,000 units in sales, this is by far the biggest selling non-super hero comic event in recent memory,” said Dan Buckley, president and publisher of Marvel Entertainment. At present, newsstands, including Barnes & Noble and Borders, can’t carry the comic. Foreign translated version deals are being worked through..

“These comics aren’t junk food; they’re more like delicacies,” King said. “Sushi for the mind, if you like. You have to teach yourself how to read ‘adult comics,’ which are actually comic/novel hybrids. and even then you have to give yourself to the experience, which means accepting the idea that you’ll need to work a bit as you do with any good novel. This is, in a sense, an ‘origin’ story, and interesting in its own right These are not just retellings of books that have already been written. The books serve as a launching pad—and a resource center, I suppose—but the flight is into brand new territory. People curious about the Crimson King will find things to interest them here. And give them some nightmares, I hope. They—Marvel, and especially Robin Furth, who worked with me on the later [“Tower”] books, keeping the proliferating details straight—broke out a simple story line that might be called Teenage Gunslingers and How They Grew,” King said. “The basis was Wizard and Glass, the only novel in the series that comes close to being a stand-alone. I modified their outline, and have had a chance to tinker with the dialogue and narration of each issue before it gets graven in stone. I don’t tell anyone what or how to draw, though. I know my limitations.”

Advanced reviews:

Lilja reports these new additions to the cast of The Mist: Frances Sternhagen (Misery, The Golden Years), Alexa Davalos, Sam Witwer, Bill Sadler (The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile), Jeff DeMunn (The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, Storm of the Century) and Brian Libby (The Woman in the Room).

A press release about a new film company from Fangoria mentions that Brian Witten, under his Witten Pictures banner, is producing a feature based on The Breathing Method.

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