News From The Dead Zone #57

Breaking News from the Dead Zone

Jae Lee’s original drawings from Gunslinger Born are available for sale here.

Here are a few reports about the midnight openings at various comic stores across the country to launch the graphic novel.

In Entertainment Weekly, King had this to say: ”There are some that are an interesting hybrid between the superhero comics and the novels that I read as an adult.” And while many would like to see The Dark Tower on the big screen, King is wary. To a degree. ”If Peter Jackson came along and said, ‘I made up with New Line and they want to spend billions of dollars on this,’ I’d say sure, knock yourself out.” In other words, fans, don’t look for that movie anytime soon.

If you’re in the Portland, ME area, Peter David will be signing Gunlsinger Born at Casablanca Comics on Friday, February 9th from 3-6 PM. WCSH (Portland channel 6) will have an interview with Peter tonight at 7 p.m. local time.

There’s also a new entry at the Marvel Blog and Quint reviews #1 at AICN.

Lilja has an excellent in-depth interview with Frank Darabont at Lilja’s Library.

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