Review: Cockblock by C.V. Hunt

Cockblock by C.V. Hunt
Amazon Digital Services (June 25, 2018)

108 pages; $2.99 e-book
Reviewed by Anton Cancre

Sonya and Callie just want to go out for a date. What they don’t want is to find themselves surrounded by men who seem incapable of doing anything but spout lame pick up lines and force themselves on anyone or anything they come across. What follows is a surprisingly harrowing ordeal of survival that reminded me quite pleasantly of Jack Ketchum’s Ladies’ Night.

Hunt is one of those great names of extreme horror that isn’t nearly mentioned enough. It makes me incredibly sad, because few people can work the “Holy &*$%! What the *@%$ just happened to that person’s &**#^?” like CV Hunt. Ritualistic Human Sacrifice wrecked me and I have yet to meet a person who read it and didn’t love it.

Cockblock is another notch in the bedpost on that front. It isn’t for the faint of heart or weak of constitution, by any means. Expect cover-to-cover, exceedingly graphic sex and intensely inventive violence and gore. I did mention before what kind of horror Hunt deals in.

Also expect some of the best character development out there. I’m amazed at how well-rounded and in-depth the characters are in such a small amount of space. There is an economy of word and action at work here that is quite impressive. Also, the violence is treated with a level of respect and humanity that grants it far more impact than most contemporaries in the field.

Fans of Ed Lee’s brash craziness, Jack Ketchum’s raw humanity and Brian Keene’s unbridled anger will want to buy this immediately.

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