Review: Episodes of Violence by David Bernstein

Episodes of Violence by David Bernstein
Sinister Grin Press (October 2017)
276 pages; $16.99 hardcover; $5.99 e-book
Reviewed by Jonathan Reitan

If you think you’re ready for some of the most brutal, sadistic and in-your-face violent horror that you’ve ever read, then continue reading this review and go ahead and add Episodes of Violence to your shopping cart.

David Bernstein’s late Fall 2017 release introduces us to three deeply disturbing characters: Sage, her boyfriend Daemon, and their friend Bobby. The trio’s pastime of smashing mailboxes isn’t enough for them. Their need for even more violent acts leads to their first kill. The sadistic rush they get from it only leads to even more brutal murderous acts, both of revenge and of random slayings.

The killers’ savage spree of murders eventually leads them to the killing of a boy who happens to be the brother of Amber, a young lady who’s already out for vengeance after being raped at a college sorority party and left victimized by the very people she thought would help and defend her. When Amber finds the video proof of her brother’s killing, she is able to seek out the three murderers and release the darkness that has been building inside her by dishing out an epic level of revenge on them.

Episodes of Violence is certainly not for the faint of heart, the level of gore, ruthless violence and disturbing imagery will make the skin crawl of most readers. If you’re a fan of Edward Lee, Richard Laymon and Wrath James White, you’ll be right at home with the writing of David Bernstein — in fact, he could very well be the love child of the three masters of hardcore horror.

Episodes of Violence is fast, raw and vulgar, the kind of book meant to be read with loud heavy metal music playing in the background. If this is your kind of horror then Episodes of Violence is not to be missed.

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