Review: Tales of the Lost Vol. 1: We All Lose Something! edited by Eugene Johnson and Steve Dillon

cover of Tales of the Lost We All Lose SomethingTales of the Lost Vol. 1: We All Lose Something! edited by Eugene Johnson and Steve Dillon
Things in the Well (December 2019)
283 pages; $15 paperback; $3 e-book
Reviewed by Dave Simms

Horror anthologies seem to be emerging like gremlins dunked in fetid water these days. While some are stellar, others fill up the pages with reprints from the greats, and some just fall through the cracks because the authors within aren’t household names.

Tales of the Lost discusses the horrors of losing something. It might be something physical, a love, a life, or just the self or soul. It’s not truly a themed anthology, which makes this even stronger in its totality. Very seldom does a collection such as this have zero filler, yet here it is, a quality product that’s full of the darkest hearts.

It begins with “In the End, Only the Gods” by Christina Sng, whose story is strong and strange. Next up is Bram Stoker winner Jess Landry, whose “Bury Me in Tar and Twine” nearly surpasses her award-winning story from last year. It’s an examination that digs deep and reaches shadows that will reward the reader with another great tale.

Other standouts include Stoker Winner Eric Guignard with “Deep Down, the Lake of a Thousand Graves,” “Remembering What He Was” by Yvonne Navarro, and “Husks” by Paul Moore. This isn’t meant to slight the other stories. Every one sings here with something quality and is sure to be a reader’s favorite.

Of course, every good anthology needs great ending piece. “Feelings” by the legendary F. Paul Wilson is exactly what’s needed in Tales of the Lost. It’s a gem.

Definitely recommended reading for these crazed times.

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