Review: ‘The Fathom Flies Again’ by James Walley

The Fathom Flies Again by James Walley
Ragnorak Publications (January 2017)
286 pages; $13.95 paperback; $5.99 e-book
Reviewed by Frank Michaels Errington

If you read The Forty First Wink, the debut novel by James Walley, then you’ve more than likely been waiting for the second book in the trilogy, and why not? Book one was so much fun. Walley writes with a whimsical flair I find nowhere else in my ever-growing library.

Everyone is back for this new adventure, including Marty and Kate; the cloth pirates Timbers; Whipstaff; and Oaf, as well as Peeper and his cauldron of clowns. New to this adventure are a giant leprechaun and a glowing and talking koala named Benji. If you’re still not sold, let’s add the obligatory pie fight just to make things even wackier.

The writing style is as comfortable as a warm glove on the coldest day of winter, and there is a certain Douglas Adams feel to Walley’s writing…

Far, far away, though not altogether that far really (certainly not over the rainbow).

Mixed in with the hilarity is an occasional bit of sage advice…

“Always enter a room expecting for a fight. If you get one, you’re prepared. If you don’t, at least you’ll look impressive.”

Admittedly, The Fathom Flies Again is little more than a selection of silly antics, but it’s also a lot of fun, as I frequently found myself chuckling at the outrageous goings on in this book.

If you like to laugh, read this book. Also recommended for younger readers. If you have young children, it’s one you might even enjoy reading together.

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