Review: Zombie Apocalypse in Ditmas Park

Zombie Apocalypse in Ditmas Park by Kristine Scheiner
CreateSpace (May 2017)

32 pages, $6.99 paperback
Reviewed by Joshua Gage

Zombie Apocalypse in Ditmas Park: A NYC Coloring Book Adventure for Ghoulish Hacks to Chillax is exactly what it sounds like. New York is invaded by zombies, and the rich blew up the bridges, so Brooklyn is left to fend for itself. Readers follow the adventures of the Scheiner sisters as they prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse Party. What ensues is a joyful romp through a zombie-filled wasteland rich with in-jokes that would make any zombie fan or New Yorker proud.

Being that Zombie Apocalypse in Ditmas Park is primarily a coloring book, the plot is very simple. Two sisters, who live on the 6th floor of an apartment building, are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. The nearby bodega, one of the last outlets of humanity, gets a fresh shipment of supplies in, so the ladies decide to throw a party for themselves and their friends, including homegrown veggies, beef jerky, fresh seagull, and all the fixins. It’s a fun, though not too serious story about life during the zombie apocalypse.

What makes the book worthwhile are the illustrations. Kristine Scheiner has placed fun New York references and in-jokes on almost every page of the book, which makes for a clever read. Whether it be celebrity appearances or local sports teams, Scheiner has made sure to populate her zombie apocalypse with recognizable New York icons. Even some of the locations, like the Brooklyn Public Library or Kings Theater, are iconic Brooklyn buildings, adding an air of authenticity and regionalism to the narrative.

Overall, Zombie Apocalypse in Ditmas Park is simply a fun coloring book for adults. All the blood and guts of a good zombie story are present, but showcased in a very humorous way. While this book doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s also populated with the people and places of Brooklyn, which make for a more realistic experience for the reader, who will have immense pleasure coloring in Kristine Scheiner’s vision of the zombie apocalypse.


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